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Our Accommodation

Established in 2005 we are a luxurious, purpose built cattery set in 8 acres of peaceful & beautiful North Somerset countryside

Our accommodation is built and run to the highest standards and our priority is to ensure each of our guests has a happy, comfortable and safe stay

We are a FAB Listed Cattery meaning both our accommodation and operating practices have been assessed and verified by the Feline Advisor Bureau - now International Cat Care

With freedom to move between the indoor and outdoor area, our accommodation units have lovely views across our garden to paddocks beyond and we have lots of birds visiting our feeders

Each unit has full independent heating (not heat-pads/bulbs) with thermostatic control for optimum comfort

Daily Routine

Our morning round starts early, all guests are checked to ensure all is well.


Breakfast is served and any medications are administered as prescribed.

We then clean and tidy each unit, litter trays are cleaned and refilled and checked regularly through the day.

We spend time with each of our guests throughout the day according to their personal preference to ensure they are happy and content at all times during their stay with us.

Dinner is served around 6pm and again any required medications are administered.


Later a final check is made to ensure everyone is safe and happy before bedtime and night-lights provide a gentle, reassuring glow throughout the night.


We offer a selection of well know brand wet and dry cat foods and each meal is served in a clean stainless steel bowl.


If you prefer you are also welcome to bring your own food along (this is advisable for veterinary recommended diets) no surcharge or discount is applied for this service.

Health & Medication

It is very important that you tell us all about your cats medical history including any previous and/or current illnesses or injuries or any conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure even if your cat is not on any medication for those conditions.


If your cat is taking any straightforward medication then you will need to bring it with you and clearly explain how much we should give and when. You must ensure you bring sufficient medication with you and you must ensure we have full details of your vet. You will also need to provide us with emergency contact details for yourself and a nominated representative.


If your cats health needs are complex or anything more that the straightforward administration of tablet or liquid medication in food then you will need to discuss your requirements with us prior to confirming any booking.

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